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Attainable culture

Culture is for everybody. Opera should be made within the reach of everybody. Nevertheless the Opera house, with the best singers of the country is presented only in the capital. However organising a visit to an opera performance is not easy. So, what if we were to reverse the situation? What if the best opera singers, musicians, conductors, scene and costume designers could visit your town? Let’s make a bridge between opera world and everyday life! Let’s make opera and classical music available to everybody!


Árpád Tóth

Telefonszám: +36 30 634 4645
E-mail: koncerteum@gmail.com

Concert organising on high standard

KONCERTEUM Concert Organiser Agency offers performances recruiting all the important personalities of the Hungarian opera life, and all professional, semi-professional and amateur representatives of the Hungarian classical music. Customers do not need to worry about putting a performance on stage. We can make arrangements with the performers, for rehearsals, transport, program making, and substitution.

We put together performances in concert halls and theatres, sports-courts, community centres, churches, open-air stages, for public from fifty people till thousands.

We offer to make arrangements with professional artists (opera singers, musicians, conductors, piano accompaniers, choir masters, scene and costume designers) and technical team (prop guys, scene builders, lighting and sound engineers) with all equipment.

Various opera

We offer:

Opera performances on categories of historical epochs (baroque, classic, romantic) or genre (comic, drama, musical comedy, national operas);

Operetta performances in original languages (French, German, classic Hungarian);

Religious pieces (oratorios, masses) accompanied by organ;

Performances with choirs from 8 to 100 singers, soloist accompanied by ensembles form 1 or 2 instruments till symphonic orchestras;

Music for entertainment (traditional Hungarian).

Cultural mission:

Presentation of young talents;

Making opera attractive to young generations with humorous opera fragments and “hits”, that can be digestible for them;

Popularization of contemporary music (involving competition sources).

Concert offers:

Oratorical concerts connected to religious festivities (ex. Mozart or Verdi Requiems on All Souls Day, St. Matthew Passion on Easter, Christmas concert for chamber orchestra, chamber choir, voice and instrumental solos, even involving local children and adult choirs).

Aria recitals form oratorios and cantatas.

Opera performances adjusted to local possibilities.
Presentation of operas in concert (integral or easily understandable highlights).
Presentation of opera scenes and arias on programmes.
Programs for exhibition openings.
Gala concerts with stars, young talents, choir, orchestra, piano, instrumental pieces, with presenter.
Programs for gastronomic festivals: operetta, opera (hits only), Hungarian folk music, grape harvest marches with brass music.

Former singers

András Molnár
Kossuth-díjas és
Liszt Ferenc díjas operaénekes.
A Magyar Állami Operaház örökös tagja, mesterművésze.

Kolos Kováts

Kossuth-díjas operaénekes,
A Magyar Állami Operaház örökös tagja, mesterművésze.

Zsuzsanna Bazsinka

Érdemes Művész

Current offer::

New Year's Eve 2017
Gerbeaud Szilveszter 2017
Celebrate New Year's Eve at Átrium Hall of Gerbeaud Kávéház!

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